My acting debut! Thanks to Rebekah Fieschi, Adam Harvanek, Mike Walls, Brett Ziebarth and the New York Film Academy.

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No More Sugar

First single from the album ‘The Passengers’ (1992).
Video directed and produced by Lele.

The band was on the last leg of its journey when we shot this video. It almost document the whole story, from our meeting in Brazil to our demise in Belgium, with the different line ups of musicians. The live sequence at the very end shows the original members who performed and recorded this song.

Recorded in 1992 at Pyramid Studios, Brussels, Belgium by Gilles Martin. Produced by Gilles Martin and The Passengers.The Passengers are: Dany Roland (drums), Yann Laouenan (keyboards), Denis Moulin (bass), Diako Diakoff (vocal, guitar). Management by Olivier Daube.

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They Don’t Want Your Love

First video from my upcoming album ‘Inside Outside’.
Shot in Los Angeles by Ignacio ‘Natcho’ Genzon.

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Live at BJ’s Lounge, New Orleans

A piano medley of songs from some of my heroes: Marc Bolan, Big Bill Broonzy, Brian Eno and David Bowie.
Live at BJ’s Lounge (in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, my new home away from home).

Filmed by the alluring Robin von Heinzelmännchen.

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Greetings from The Big Easy!

After 5 years in the Big Apple, here I am, back in the Big Easy!

It has been almost 20 years since I have been coming to New Orleans, staying for a couple of months at a time, and contemplating moving here. But it is not that easy. The nickname is deceiving. It is a special place. Not only you do have to be ready for it, but it also has to be ready for you!

By the end of my first night out at BJ’s, one of the few bars/music venues in the Bywater neighborhood, I felt at home. I had made a few friends, and colorful characters told me that being adopted by the neighborhood was a privilege that shouldn’t be taken for granted: those who do wouldn’t last long.

Since then I have been performing every week at the BJ’s Monday Night Special Open-Mic/Revue hosted by the truculent Ryan Scully, and also got to experience electric shows by local legends Little Freddie King and Lavelle “Butch” Trivette, while savoring the traditional rice and beans offered by the house. In the daytime I hit the French Quarter on a bicycle with wheels more oval than round, and go pay my dues to the blues under the hot July sun, busking for a few bucks in front of the Cafe du Monde, or the Rouses on Royal Street, until my shirt is so wet that it seems to be made of leather.

Locals had told me repeatedly that Summer was the most difficult time of the year to move here: the city is half-deserted and it’s hard to find a job; the heat and humidity can drive people crazy…and did I mention the mosquito population? However, I have been thinking that if it is as hard as it gets, the good news is that now I know I can take it!

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Hit the road, Jack! (part 8)

South by Southeast…heading to New Orleans

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Hit the road, Jack! (part 7)

Kansas, do not run out of gas…

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Hit the road, Jack! (part 5)

See you later Montana and friends. Back on the road. Heading towards Colorado

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Hit the road, Jack! (part 4)

Back on the Paiute Reservation. These are going to be my last few days here. The Sweat Lodge Ceremony was an unforgettable experience, but one that couldn’t be filmed. Some things are just meant to be lived. Instead, I let Montana show me around and tell a strange story…

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