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Hit the road, Jack! (part 8)

South by Southeast…heading to New Orleans

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Hit the road, Jack! (part 7)

Kansas, do not run out of gas…

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Hit the road, Jack! (part 5)

See you later Montana and friends. Back on the road. Heading towards Colorado

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Hit the road, Jack! (part 4)

Back on the Paiute Reservation. These are going to be my last few days here. The Sweat Lodge Ceremony was an unforgettable experience, but one that couldn’t be filmed. Some things are just meant to be lived. Instead, I let Montana show me around and tell a strange story…

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Hit the road, Jack! (part 3)

Two days and two nights alone in the Grand Canyon… Well, most of the time: there was Charlie to watch over me. Montana had given him a call, informing him of my visit. Self-defined as an army brat, Charlie traveled the world as a soldier. He has now been working as a volunteer park ranger for the past year or two. Charlie likes the rides in his white jeep, the company of his dog, J-Lo, and the fantastic view he enjoys from his trailer. He invited me for a beer the afternoon I arrived, and it knocked me down so hard I had to take a nap and didn’t get to take pictures or film this charismatic character. Cheers to you, friend!

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Hit the road, Jack! (part two)

Today, visit at the Pipe Spring Monument Visitor Center and Cultural Museum of the Kaibab band of Paiute indian, Arizona. My guides are my new friends, Montana, host of the campground where I am staying, and ben Pekuwitz, park ranger and Medicine Man.

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Hit the road, Jack! (part one)

The beginning of a long (hopefully) car ride through smaller towns across America, on a shoe-string budget. I’m hoping to find gigs and being able to do some busking to make a little money. They say there are a lot of freaks out there…but there are a lot of good people too. I left Los Angeles around 9 that morning and started filming at the fork formed by interstate 15 and 40.

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Modern Troubadour meets Business King

“Would you like to hear something sweet, short and entertaining?” was often my opening line when I hit a table on Lincoln Road, busking my way through Miami Beach.

One night it was raining lightly but I decided to go for it anyway. First table, one song, 20 bucks. Second table, one song, 20 bucks. Third table, one song, 20 bucks!!! Moments after, Brad, the manager of South Beach Stone Crabs, waved me in from the rain. As I reached the awning of the fanciest restaurant on the street it started pouring. There was only one occupied table. Three men smoking cigars, a beautiful doll and two waitresses were arguing about the last James Bond movie. One of the men, a big guy named Bob, came up to us and suggested that I hit their table to sing them a song. I said “sure” but kept on chatting with Brad. Then Bob’s friend came by holding a hundred dollar bill and said: “Hey I’m Ron, how are ya? How many songs do you think you could play for this money?” I smiled broadly and told him “I could stick around a while.”

The first song I sung was from a James Bond movie (From Russia With Love). Then it was “Sunny Afternoon” by the Kinks. That one got me another $100 bill and a 3 word comment from its generous ex-owner which popped up regularly throughout the evening: “Big Time, Boom!” “Space Oddity” (David Bowie) was my next song and yet another $100 bill landed in my pocket (Big Time, Boom!), followed by an invitation from Ron: “What would you say if we all go to my place and you keep on playing for us? I’ll give you a thousand bucks and you’ll get to see the biggest penthouse you’ve ever seen in your life.”

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